Learn how to lose weight and feel confident in your body

without feeling hungry

without spending all your time in the kitchen

without spending your whole paycheck on food


Hi guys, I’m Nicole!

I want to help you…

- stop second guessing your food choices,

- make delicious meals in under 30 minutes,

- and feel empowered to lose weight easily and healthfully!


Here is what people are saying…


“I follow Nicole on Instagram and figured why not try working with her one-on-one. I always enjoyed watching her cooking videos, which have inspired me to start cooking more. I cannot be happier with my decision to work with Nicole. Her recipes are delicious and so easy. The shopping lists make my life so much easier. I completely avoid the center aisles of the store. My pantry has gotten an entire make over, which has also helped my entire family. So far I’ve lost my first 15 pounds and cannot wait to keep it going!”

Angela C. from Suffern, New York

“Nicole is really fantastic. I heard about her through word of mouth. She helped my friend lose weight for her wedding. I decided to sign up and after just one coaching call and 1 week of following her meal plan I lost 3 pounds. After the first month I lost 5 pounds! The meal plans were very specific to what I needed. She taught me how to balance each meal and provided a comprehensive snack list that kept me full throughout the day. I finally feel like I am giving my body the nutrients and energy it needs. Believe it or not, most of my cravings have diminished.”

Stephanie Z. from New York, New York

“Nicole is a good friend of mine that I’ve known since high school. I’ve been lucky enough to work on and off with her since she got her nutrition degree. I recently gained weight after having my first child. Nicole helped me lose the baby weight rather quickly. I wasn’t cutting any foods out and didn’t feel deprived. Nicole’s meal plans were so easy. Most of the meals were cooked in 20 minutes with very little clean up involved. She also gave me great tips on how to structure my days while on maternity leave to avoid mindless snacking. Overall I feel like my eating behaviors are more structured despite going through the major life change of having a baby.“

Patricia M. from Mahwah, New Jersey


“Before working with Nicole I thought I was doing everything right, but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight. I was reluctant to working with a professional, because I thought, “what could she tell me that I didn’t already know.” Turns out, there was a lot I didn’t know. I was cutting out certain foods, which ended up being completely unnecessary. Nicole helped me balanced my meals so that I could eat all foods. She told me exactly what to eat, when and how much to eat. Her guidance was really helpful and easy to follow. I made more progress in just a few weeks working with Nicole than I’ve made over months when I was doing this by myself.”

Annie I from Ramsey, New Jersey



I use proven strategies to help you lose weight and develop the behaviors to keep it off for GOOD!


We will work together,


over the phone

to achieve your ideal weight in a sustainable and healthful way!



Now Imagine, how would life be if you:

Felt comfortable in your clothes and confident in pictures and social settings.

Could still lose weight while eating the foods you love.

Saved money on food and knew exactly what to buy at the grocery store.

Had energy to be more productive both at work and at home.

Felt motivated and empowered to get through even the toughest times.


Working with me includes

Two, 30-minute weight loss coaching calls

4 weeks of customized meal plans with grocery lists

Sign up by May 31 and get an additional free week of meal plans

Who is this program for:

Women who are looking to lose weight through a balanced eating plan

Women who need accountability and structure

Women who work best with a plan in place

Women who are currently motivated to make changes in their lives


Who is this program NOT for:

Women who are looking to cut out certain food groups to lose weight

Women who desire to be underweight

Women who have or are recovery from an eating disorder

Professional athletes

Anyone who is NOT currently motivated nor willing to change their eating habits


Let’s get started today!

Pricing: $175


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Hi friends, I’m Nicole! I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for nine years. I specialize in helping people lose weight and just published my first cookbook! I have an “all foods fit” approach so you won’t have to cut out any foods you love and can’t live without! I recommend mostly plant-based with smaller portions of animal products, if you choose. I will help you lose weight to look and feel amazing without spending oodles of money on strange foods or tons of time in the kitchen.