Nutrition & Wellness Services

Nutrition Counseling

One-on-one coaching to help you achieve your 2016 health and wellness goals. Initial consults are 60-75 minutes and follow ups 30-40 minutes. Please fill out the form under the "Contact Me" bar and I will send you a health assessment form. Please complete the assessment form before our meeting and bring a list of your current medications, supplements, health care providers and a copy of your recent blood work. Virtual coaching via skype, face time, zoom or phone is also available.


Eating for Energy

Sustainable Weight Loss

Eating for Heart Health



Gluten-Free Kitchen


Vegetarian and Vegan

Sweating for the Wedding

Eating for the Baby Bump

Eating for after the Baby Bump

Improve Athletic Performance

Food Allergies 

Group Counseling and Support Groups

Living with a food allergy or chronic disease is daunting. It is always helpful to hear from others who are going through a similar battle. 

Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes 

Gluten Free Living

Weight Loss

Healthy Lifestyle

Family Health


Meal Prep

I will guide you through your current food purchases and offer healthier, budget friendly swaps. For meal prep, we will choose two proteins and a variety of whole grains and veggies to sustain you and your family for four to five days.

What to expect:

Weekly Meal planning 

Quick and Easy  Recipes

Cook Once, Eat Twice 


Personalized Shopping Lists

Supermarket Survival Guide

Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks

Pantry Raid

Shop with me

Navigating the supermarket can be challenging, but not with a dietitian. I will meet you at your local grocery store. We will scan the circular, explore the aisles and take a close look at food labels. I am very familiar with almost all products and I can give you advice on the best brands and prices.

Grocery Store Tours Topics:

 General Healthy Eating

Heart Health (low sodium, low cholesterol & high fiber)

Shopping on a Budget

Weight Loss

Gluten Free and Food Allergies

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Eating

Shopping for Diabetes

Vegetarian and Vegan

Gluten Free

Cook with me

Classes can be private, one-on-one, family style or for large groups. Contact me if you are interested in a children's cooking class or girls night out class.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Family Meals Made Simple

Diabetic Friendly Meals

Gluten Free Cooking

Low Cal, High Flavor

Cooking for a Healthy Heart

Group Presentations and Cooking Demonstrations

Invite me to your Meet-Up group, clubhouse or weekly get together and we can have a formal presentation, cooking demonstration or both. 

Anti-inflammation Foods

Gluten Free Living

Sustainable Eating

Calcium and Bone Health

Eating during Pregnancy

Heart Health

Diabetes 101

Sustainable Weight Loss 

Surviving the Supermarket

Eating for Energy

Wellness Classes

Host a wellness class and I'll share my homemade remedies for a variety of health-supportive, non-toxic cleaning and beauty supplies. Classes can be tailored to focus on stress reduction, healthy eating, healthy home and more...