Fridge and Freezer Essentials for your New Year Reset

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Happy New Year

It’s that time of year again – time to set a resolution. Whether you’re setting the same resolution as last year or notorious for following your goals for just a few weeks (no judgement, we’ve all been there!), it’s a great time to start with a clean slate – and a clean, well-stocked fridge.

ANDDDD by clean, I don’t mean physically clean (although that’s always nice!), I mean clean in regards to food. Of course, you’re more likely to smash your 2019 health goals if you’re set up for success.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a hundred times, but it’s true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Thanks Benjamin Franklin! Get your fridge into tip-top shape for 2019 with these fridge and freezer essentials.

Fridge Essentials:


Accessible fresh veggies (key word accessible!!): Buy a crudités platter or pre-cut veggies – this will increase the chances of you actually eating them due to the minimal steps involved. Any veggies you have left over at the end of the week can make their debut in a delicious, one pot stir-fry.  I also love pre-packaged spiralized and “rice” veggies - also found in the produce section of your local grocery store.


Lower calorie veggie dips: Now you need something to make those veggies taste delicious. I love dipping veggies in hummus (of course, just a few tablespoons), tzatziki (super low calorie!), honey mustard, bruschetta and salsa.  


Nut milks: I have nothing against dairy, but I just love nut milks. Nut milks are typically fortified with B12, calcium and vitamin D. Most unsweetened nut milks have half the calories of regular milk (30-45 calories/cup versus 90 calories/ cup of skim milk). I love rotating through different nut milks. I usually buy whatever is on sale or whatever I’m in the mood for that week. 


Protein rich snacks: listen up, this one is important! Protein is more satiating then “carby” snacks. Swap out pretzels, crackers, dried fruit and cereals for protein rich snacks. My top recommendations are plain or low sugar Greek or Icelandic yogurt (Siggi’s is my fave!), cottage cheese (I love Munna), good ol’ cheese sticks (any brand!), hard boiled eggs (embrace the egg!), fresh or dry roasted edamame (lightly salted, please!).


Low calorie beverages: although I mostly recommend water, coffee and tea, sometimes you just need a little bubbly. Naturally flavored sparkling water gives you just that. I love Spindrift and LaCriox because they’re calorie free and sugar free.


Freezer Essentials


Frozen fruits and veggie: Buying frozen produce is a total time saver. It’s often cheaper than fresh and just as nutritious. Buying frozen mixed berries or tropical fruit blends is a great way to get a variety of fruit in your diet. These blends are great for smoothies or as toppings for oatmeal or Greek yogurt. Frozen and steam-in-a-bag veggies are also a huge time and money saver. Keep a few bags handy to add to a stir-fry, soup, chili or to fill up half your dinner plate.


Frozen beans: my new favorite staple. I know canned beans are super easy, but I do try to avoid eating out of too many cans because of the BPA. I know it’s silly, but canned beans also require the additional steps of using a can opener and colander (not trying to do extra dishes!).


Frozen (pre-cooked) grains: grocery stores now sell already cooked, frozen grains like quinoa and brown rice. I always have a bag of frozen grains ready to pop in the microwave for a quick dinner or grain bowl. 


Frozen meals: sometimes packing lunch or making dinner is just out of the question. When that’s the situation individually portioned frozen meals are my go-to. I love Luvo, Evol and Grainful (savory-style steel cut oats).

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for reaching. Comment below on your favorite fridge and freezer essentials!